Matrix 3D

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En los 3 ultimos años el numero de joyeros usando sistemas CAD se ha doblado. Çada vez mas joyeros ven la necesidad de adaptar esta nueva tecnologia para poder competir y tener exito.

Si esta considerando incorporar esta nueva tecnologia en su proceso de produccion con mucho gusto lo podemos ayudar.  Somos especialistas en sistemas CAD/CAM para joyeria y lo podemos ayudar.

Matrix 3D Version 6 de Gemvision es el software lider en la industria de la joyeria en los EEUU y ha comenzado a usarse tambien en Europa y resto del mundo.  

Matrix 3D Version 6 tiene una interfase facil de usar y le permite crear rapidamente sus diseños.  Puede crear un Inventario Virtual, el cual Ud puede usar para imprimir sus catalogos, folletos o enviar a sus clientes por correo electronico.  Tambien genera muy facilmente archivos que son compatibles con cualquier dispositivo CAM para producir fisicamente sus modelos.



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Matrix Version 6.0: Matrix Re-Defined.


Jewelry design trends have changed. Has your jewelry design software?


Redefining 3D jewelry design. Matrix Version 6.0 is our most extensive upgrade yet. For over two years, we have been closely examining the tools and concepts that work for jewelry designers. With access to the very heart of the Rhino engine, our software engineers are able to fully tap its potential, and have now taken it a step beyond to make the most comprehensive 3D jewelry design tools in the business. Tools found in Matrix 6.0 are not available in Rhino alone or in other CAD packages. With the speed, flexibility, and amazing efficiency of Version 6.0 tools, we think you’ll agree: the extra effort has paid off!


Massive upgrades provide the most advanced tools in the industry. Jewelry design requires a very specific set of tools. Yet over the past few years, more and more products have come out on the market claiming to be jewelry design software.  Most of these products are merely a capable CAD package with a gem library. In contrast, Matrix offers the most extensive tool set of any software package available, with a range of jewelry-specific functions not available in any other product. Matrix is more than just another plug in: it’s a completely new way of designing jewelry product, running over the top of the very capable Rhino engine. 

New Differences between Matrix and Rhino. From the look of the interface to the way you interact with the model on the screen, Matrix provides freedom and flexibility not available in Rhino alone. However, the core Rhino tools are always at your finger tips. Tools in Matrix Version 6.0 offer jewelry designers more creative, flexible, and capable control over the modeling process than ever before.


Finally: CAD that approaches design from a designer’s perspective.


Trends….following them and anticipating them.  Jewelry is fashion, and fashion is always changing.  Matrix has always been developed with an eye to the latest trends, while keeping in mind what has come before and keeping abreast of what may be on the way. Version 6.0 is no different, offering a wide variety of brand-new tools as well as newly redesigned tools that are specific to both the emerging trends and those that are yet to come!


Subtlety of design is now available with new speed and ease. Looking at great design work, it is clear that small details make a big difference. This level of subtlety has traditionally been hard to achieve in CAD; or, at the very least, time-consuming. The problem is simply that there are countless variables that can make or break great design. We examined these details very closely and developed new tools and techniques that allow designers to control small details far more quickly and easily than ever before.   


Jewelry design workflow. Through dialoguing directly with our customer base, Gemvision has adapted the software to work the way our users work. And above all else, we’ve learned that everyone works on the product a little bit differently! Now, whether you take a straight line or a meandering path through the design process, Matrix 6.0 provides amazing flexibility to fit the way you work. Designing “on-the-fly” is easier than ever before, meaning you can start by laying out gems, or designing a shank, or a little bit of both!

Designing and Duplicating: Two ways to use the product. When designing a new piece, you want to use tools that are more freeform and creative; but when duplicating an existing design, you need tools that are very quick and precise. Matrix provides both kinds of tools, as well as tools with the built-in flexibility to work either way.


Easy-to-use History is built right into the design elements.


At last: a CAD product with History that is easy to use.  In a brand-new feature not available anywhere else in the industry, “History” in Matrix means that each item you build with the new tools has a “memory” of the settings used to create it. Instead of complicated history trees or a list of rules to follow, Matrix History works just the way you’d expect: intuitively, automatically, and with no surprises! Watch history update on-the-fly as you make dramatic or subtle design changes. A complex change that would have taken several steps is now quick and effortless, meaning your design work is free to become a more intuitive creative process. And, after saving a piece made with the new tools, you can open it days, weeks, or even months later and make any required changes; or, adapt it to a new customer, size, gemstone, or style with ease.


History through tools that work together.  Another feature integrated into Matrix history means tools that naturally relate – such as Gems, Prongs, Underbezels, Heads, Cutters, etc - work together through history to make your job easier. Matrix 6.0 achieves a new level of interaction by building history into each related element of a design. Items with history automatically work together, so that changes ripple down through your design from each related part to the next.


Match Attributes speeds up design time. Another function of history means that a new item can be quickly told to mimic the settings of an existing item with the “Match Attributes” tool. This tool saves you time by effortlessly re-creating the same design on a different piece. Build a part just once: then, apply your design to different shapes, sizes, and locations on a piece to quickly create a line of jewelry, develop new variations on an existing design, or add the same design element to different parts of a single piece while you work.


Library Items for Quick Builds. Creating a design from scratch ensures you get exactly what you want. But often, the base of a design comes from a standard part or profile. Matrix now offers a library of parts made enormously flexible through the power of history. Call up a part or piece that is very close to your needs and quickly edit it so it will fit right into your design. Build library parts yourself to create your own custom line which may be applied again and again to a range of gem sizes and styles through the power of history.


Adapting the program to the ways our users work.


An Updated Interface. Extensive work has been done by Gemvision developers and graphic designers alike to create a completely new, user-friendly graphic display. When interacting with the product, there are now three unique yet interrelated paths a user can take. Operate Matrix completely through the familiar Rhino command line; engage the re-designed, intuitive builder interface; or directly modify pieces in the viewports using the brand-new Viewport Control Handles (VCH). Each method offers a slightly different approach to designing; yet all three work together effortlessly. We’ll let you decide which method is best for you.


Quick access to common tools. We’ve learned from our customers that most users get a few tools learned well and stick with them! But what about the range of other options available in the program? Inevitably, a design will arise that will require tools that are new to a user, so we’ve provided a shortcut to help you find the one you need each and every time! Select the item you wish to work on, from a simple ring rail to a complete gem configuration, and press the F6 key. Every option and tool available for use with that item is offered here, without any searching through menus and buttons for the one you need. And within a given function, the most commonly-applied tools are handed to you first; with more advanced or complicated options offered at higher levels to simplify your work. With these streamlined options and more ways to find the tools you need, the program is more intuitive than ever before!


Rendering and shaded working modes. A whole host of new “working modes” for shading models have been created to fit the many different ways our customers use Matrix. Modes for better seeing surfaces, technical drawing modes, modes for inspecting tolerances, and design review modes displaying finished metal and gems that can be controlled in real-time are just some of the new additions. Each new offering makes it easier to see, work on, design, evaluate, and present jewelry in any of the number of ways people use the product.


Next Generation Render Engine. From the quickest to the most spectacular photo-quality render, Matrix 6.0 delivers. Cutting-edge technology available through the new VRay render engine has been combined with the speed and ease of the Matrix tools to apply exclusive, Gemvision- created metal and gem materials to your designs. Quickly configure a render through this intuitive interface, from a quick 30-second render that makes the sale to the ultra-realistic render that goes on your website or in your store window.


Tools that are intuitive and effective for all levels of user: brand-new thru advanced.


Meets users at ANY skill-level. In a way no other version has been able to do in the past, Matrix 6.0 offers functionality that Rhino can’t provide alone; making it effective for all levels of users. These tools are easy to learn for a brand-new user while being powerful enough for the most advanced user.


Updated Gem Tools. Whether you’re creating pave, gems along a line, one-of-a-kind gem shapes, or simply loading and editing a single gem, Matrix Version 6.0 offers the largest array of tools for laying out and adjusting gems. Control over gems’ scale, rotation, and movement have been combined into one simple tool. And pave layout has been improved and made even more sophisticated to automatically produce beautiful, flowing patters over even the most demanding surfaces.


Redesigned instruction manual and online help. Learn the product from basic through advanced at the skill-level and speed most effective for you with the newly-restructured Help manual. Choose a level – Primary, Intermediate, or Advanced – that suits your learning needs; or, reference the comprehensive index to find the tool you need to know. Access the online help in the program to view video tutorials and instructional animations that walk you through how to use each tool. Finally, email Gemvision tech support, access our extensive newsgroup, and browse additional online tutorials directly through the program.

A World-Class Product for a World-Wide Market


Multi-Language versions. As the rest of the world discovers Matrix, we were challenged with how to make the translation to other languages.  With Version 6 we now offer French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish, with others in the works.